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Glacier Hike, Chamonix-Zermatt in 7 days Mont Blanc and Valais

Period :
Difficulty :
Price :
From 1118 €

Linking the two mythical massifs of mountaineering, the Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, by the Haute Route that goes from Chamonix to Zermatt, is the dream of many hikers. From 1400 m to 3724 m above sea level, from the immense Swiss glaciers to the alpine pastures of Champex and Zmutt, Chamonix - Zermatt distils a superb course at the foot of the most famous peaks of the Alps.

Mountaineering, training course and ascent of Mont Blanc in 6 days Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Period :
Difficulty :
Price :
From 1652 €

Go with a Mountain Guide and climb Mont Blanc, the dream of every mountaineer. Our course includes three days of learning during which you will make two classic ascents for beginners (Aiguille du Tour, White Head), and spend two nights in altitude to acclimatize smoothly. After a recovery rest in plain, you will go up to the shelter of Tête Rousse, 3167 m, by the cable car of Houches - Bellevue, the Tramway of Mont Blanc, and the path. After a short night at the Tête Rousse refuge, you will go to the Roof of Europe by the Aiguille du Goûter (La Voie Royale, or normal route) route. On the descent, you will sleep a second night at the refuge of Tête Rousse. Our experience of these courses leads us to privilege this route, which is more often practicable than the route of the Three Mounts (departure of the shelter of Cosmiques).

Racket in Iceland Troll Peninsula, Akureyri Region

Period :
Difficulty :
Price :
From 2500 €

Star stay at the Husabakki lodge, located a few kilometers from Dalvik town in northern Iceland. From this point of departure, every day of the stay we will walk the slopes overlooking the sea, according to the conditions to find the best possible snow conditions (for skiing and snowshoeing).

Meet the Ibex and Chamois Grand Paradise National Park

Period :
Difficulty :
Price :
From 279 €

Three days to get as close as possible to the Ibex and ibex herds of the Italian Gran Paradiso National Park (Gran Paradiso).

Trekking in Crete massive Dikti, and relaxation in Tsoutsouros

Period :
Difficulty :
Price :
From 1135 €

There are places that mark their first discovery, leaving the traveler the desire to return to the body as soon as possible. Crete undoubtedly belongs to it, because of the beauty and the variety of its landscapes, the kindness, and the warm reception of its inhabitants.