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Alpinismo, the Alta Ruta del Monte Rosa Valle de Aosta

Period :
cada domingo del 17 from Junio ​​to 2nd of September 2018
Difficulty :
Price :
From 1155 €

The Alta Ruta del Monte Rosa: in cinco días, 10 picos of 4000 meters, between el Cervinio and Monte Rosa. Arriba of Zermatt y del inmenso Gornergletscher, 18 cimas de más de 4000 forman las crestas del macizo del Monte Rosa. Durante este viaje de altura, podrán ascender 10 de estos picos y dormán en el refugio más alto de Europa: the "Margerita hut", enclavada sobre the cima of the SignalKuppe, 4554m. Este viaje the llevará más allá of the agitación of the valles has los, that embargo, algún día to deberá volver a bajar ....

Mountaineering, the Haute Route du Mont-Rose Aosta Valley

Period :
from 18/06 to 3/09/18
Difficulty :
Price :
From 1155 €

Above Zermatt and the huge Gornergletscher, 18 peaks of more than 4000 make up the ridges of the Monte Rosa massif. Over this high-altitude trip, you will climb 10 of these peaks, and sleep in the highest refuge in Europe, the Margerita hut, placed on the top of the SignalKuppe, 4554m, traveling above the bustle valleys where it will be necessary to come down one day ...

Haute Route and ascent of Gran Paradiso Aosta Valley

Period :
every Monday from June 4th to September 9th, 2018
Difficulty :
Price :
From 745 €

At 80 kilometers from Chamonix, protected from the Atlantic disturbances by the barrier of the Mont-Blanc massif, the Grand Paradis embodies the sweetness of life of the Val d'Aoste, the only region of Italy with a French tradition. Essentially known for its National Park which houses the most beautiful herds of chamois and ibexes of all the Alps, Grand-Paradis, 4061 m, is also one of the easiest "4000" in Europe. His ascent is the culmination of five days all beautiful and different.

Mustang Trekking West Nepal

Period :
spring and autumn
Difficulty :
Price :
From 3445 €

Coming from the Tibetan language, Mun Tang, "the fertile plain" gave its name to Mustang, the Kingdom of Lo. Long banned from foreigners, the Mustang was not attached to Nepal until 1951. In the following years, it was a fallback site for Tibetan resistance fighters, khampas, who harassed the Chinese occupation troops of Tibet.

Mountaineering, 4000 of Saas-Fee and Weissmies Valais

Period :
Difficulty :
Price :
From 1098 €

Allalinhorn, Weissmies, Alphubel, Rimpfischhorn, the Tasch glacier and Saas-Fee contain four wonderful 4000 lookouts, unmatched on the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. Moutonnements glaciers broad as estuaries, vertical escarpments and hanging glaciers of Mischabel, corrugated slopes of the highlands of Valais, this program of Mountaineering is one of the most beautiful of Europe; the gradients are significant, but its exclusive course allows a gradual acclimatization and dispensing unnecessary portages.