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Banniere Montagne Le Pays d'en Haut

Livre d'or-commentaire de Françoise et Bertrand Soulhol

Ski tour in Turkey

Françoise et Bertrand Soulhol
"We have not yet taken the time to contact you to thank and congratulate "the team" who organized, framed our journey. Everything went well. As well for the discovery of the country as for the mountain part, even if we keep a little regret for not having conquered the last summit, but the mountain will not move and why not return to those corners where there are so many things to do !!!. Thank you again, and we stay in touch for more adventures ..."

Livre d'or-commentaire de Andrée et Alain Rousselle

Trekking at the foot of Everest

Andrée et Alain Rousselle
"November 1, 2014, D0, it is the great departure for Nepal where we will find Marc, our guide; the one who has already made us live unforgettable moments in France, Switzerland and Austria. This time, change of scenery because we will go to the foot of Everest. After a long trip, with Anne, Jeanne-Pascale and Nelly who participate in the same trek as us, we arrive a tad worm in Kathmandu. We find Marc and his eternal smile and his good mood; Not to mention Tenzing who will be part of the team. We meet Celine. After loading the 4x4, en route to the house of Nima Sherpa. We find with delight the joys of the traffic of Kathmandu that we had known during a previous stay. The welcome at Nima was fabulous: kindness, smiles, everything is done to put us quickly on time Nepalese. In the evening, Olivier and Aurélien join us; the group is complete!, Place to the trek. The next day, we take the path back to Kathmandu airport, but that of the inner lines and we who are fans of Tintin; ah Tintin in Tibet !!!!, we would have thought !!! Warmly equipped !!!, despite the heat to respect the weight of the luggage !!! when Marc says: everyone obeys !!!, we are looking forward to leaving for Lukla. Except that a group split in two by the mysteries of airport services and capricious weather conditions leads Marc to plan A, B, C. But everything is in order and Marc and Tenzing find the group in its entirety. We are acquainted with Kumar, Nam Gual, the other two sherpas, and our porters. A priori, plan A finds its news and we will finish at the front our first step. Every day, Marc and his team will be on top to give us smiles and encouragement. Thanks to Marc for his beautiful routes away from the "Khumbu Highway" which will make you discover fantastic landscapes. This allows Marc to make us discover a path in the middle of a "fault": we wonder where we will go and once past, we wonder where is the path. Two moments of intense emotions: the summit of Kala-Pattar and especially this lunch at the aunt of Tenzing which I am sure will forever be engraved in our minds. But time flies, too fast and here we are back at Nima Sherpa before leaving. Despite some heartbreaking, the smiles are waiting before departure for Kathmandu airport and our respective flights. Marc and his team are like the Austrian apfelstrüdels, when you have tasted it, you go back !! For us, it's already decided, it will be next year."

Livre d'or-commentaire de François Dupuis

Trekking at the foot of Everest

François Dupuis
"Thank you for the wise advice, the encouragement, the good humor, which allowed the success of this trek"

Livre d'or-commentaire de Jean-Michel Lerchs

Trekking at the foot of Everest

Jean-Michel Lerchs
"Dear Marc, I would like to tell everyone how wonderful this trek was for me and how happy I was for doing it with Le Pays d'En Haut. As soon as we arrived in Kathmandu, we were greeted by Tenzing & you and we immediately felt like part of the big Nima family. It allowed us to live this spectacular, dazzling experience with a privileged, more intimate contact with the Sherpas, Tenzing, Kumar and Rami ... since we were a big family. We lived in Nepal through its breathtaking scenery but also through these wonderful people. It makes a big difference: the promise of a return! I would also like to thank you for this perfect organization, your kindness, your good mood at all times, the way you took care of us, individually, your advice and explanations, your perfect pace for everyone to come to top in the best conditions, the quality of lodges, food, shopping plans, cultural ... and also the kindness and attention of Tenzing, Kumar, Rami ... and the sun Dadoma! See you soon"

Livre d'or-commentaire de Hélène, Bernard et Marc Saumade

Trekking at the foot of Everest

Hélène, Bernard et Marc Saumade
"Once upon a time there were three brothers and sisters who, one Christmas night 2010, promised themselves to discover the mythical Himalayan massif that feeds their childhood dreams a long time ago ... And that's how Helen, Bernard and Marc, we met in April 2012 in Nepal, on the beautiful slopes of Khumbu, accompanied by our guides Marc, Tenzig, Kumar, Ramis and our great carriers, with Catherine, Laurence, Jean-Yves, Thierry and Jean-Michel. Pampered as soon as we arrived in Kathmandu in the family of Nima Sherpa, and throughout the stay, our trek was only discoveries, pleasures and satisfactions, even if it was still necessary to deserve this magnificent Kalapattar! What more, besides the desire to return soon? And full of thanks to Marc ... Oh yes, the only painful moment of the trek: that of separation!"