Golden Book

Banniere Montagne Le Pays d'en Haut

Livre d'or-commentaire de Gabi et Pablo Blanco-Palomino

Stage Mont-Blanc

Gabi et Pablo Blanco-Palomino
"Dear Guide, My brother Gabi and I thank you for this wonderful week spent with Le Pays d'En Haut, with its guides and our companions of French and Spanish rope. It was a rewarding experience, with perfect preparation, and finally we reached the top of Mont Blanc safely, realizing our dream. It is hard to express our emotion at the top, but it was almost as high as we would have felt at the summit of Everest ;-) It was one of the most beautiful days of our life. Preparation, motivation and endurance were the keys to success, the way was technical, demanding, but beautiful. Thanks again to the guides for their professionalism, sense of humor, and credibility. A big thank you especially to Jean-Philippe who guided us to the summit and returned to the valley. It's a crack of the Alps! See you soon for another great challenge in the Alps."

Livre d'or-commentaire de Marc et Bernard Saumade

Stage Rock-Mountain beginners

Marc et Bernard Saumade
"This week-long initiation course in rock climbing that we lived happily, both with my brother Bernard, and our guide Eric, made us live forever unforgettable moments, safely, allowing us to from the very first day, to launch on these vertiginous slopes which seemed to us forever inaccessible ... Well, yes, it's possible! And it is exciting to flirt with its limits, under the expert and reassuring guidance of a formidable guide! A great moment of life!"

Livre d'or-commentaire de André Morimont

Off-piste skiing weekend, Saint-Gervais / Megève

André Morimont
"Dear guide, we thank you for this off-piste skiing course, we have traveled the snowfields with a super friendly guide, hyper professional, hyper pedagogue, (it's Jenny who blows me these words and despite a small hint of jealousy , I agree with her), you made us appreciate the joys of off-piste skiing while putting us in confidence. See you soon, friendly, Jenny and André."

Livre d'or-commentaire de Stephan et Caroline Jager

Advanced Ski Course in Ceillac

Stephan et Caroline Jager
"Dear guide, Caroline and I wanted to thank you for your professionalism of every moment. This training course in ski touring at Ceillac has been instructive for us. Discovering in a good mood the joys of the mountain without ignoring the slightest danger was for us a confirmation of wanting to join you in your country all the way up. Your enthusiasm has allowed us despite a somewhat capricious weather to enjoy all the conditions and always have fun. Thanks to you, we were able to eliminate any organizational stress and only enjoy the physical fatigue. Sincerely, Stéphan and Caroline"

Livre d'or-commentaire de Jean-Sébastien Chevallier

White Valley Weekend

Jean-Sébastien Chevallier
"A busy weekend, I was still skiing at work! The welcome was warm and I appreciated the availability of our guide during these two days. Thanks Marc and probably see you next year."