Golden Book

Banniere Montagne Le Pays d'en Haut

Livre d'or-commentaire de Florence et Marie-Laure Pigeon

Weekend initiation to mountaineering and glacier hiking

Florence et Marie-Laure Pigeon
"Dear Marc, you made us take our first steps of mountaineering! What a joy to climb the White Head. We made a beautiful glacier hike, in the middle of landscapes of great beauty. Thank you for your coaching, your advice, your patience and your good mood. Florence and Marie-Laure"

Livre d'or-commentaire de Viviane et Jean-Michel Repond

High Road Chamonix-Zermatt

Viviane et Jean-Michel Repond
" We would like to thank the Pays d'en Haut team for their professionalism, everything went well, even the sun! Sorry to have tired guides ... we had a good laugh! Remy and Jean-Philippe (zav) are remarkable in their mountains, They shared with us magical moments in majestic landscapes. Always available, they made us progress without much difficulty, their humor and their physical condition impressed us. Hearing Zav sing more than 3000m on the climb or see Remy evolve like a chamois in the scree were beautiful moments. This high road will remain a wonderful memory and encourages us to put "crabs" back! With all our thanks mountain and pleasure ..."

Livre d'or-commentaire de Eric et Valérie Rohr

Introduction to mountaineering

Eric et Valérie Rohr
"A big THANK YOU, Marc, for making us discover your country from above. Our first steps in the high mountains were for us rich in emotions. What a joy to be able to admire the beauty of this intact nature and what pride of having managed our two ascensions ... certainly we were not at 4 800 meters but it was all the same our "Mont Blanc" !!! In any case no doubt: we will leave!"

Livre d'or-commentaire de Pascal Legros

Stage Mont-Blanc

Pascal Legros
"Good evening Marc, I just wanted to sincerely thank you and your colleagues for making this trip a total success, both for the purpose and for the emotions and moments we shared. Succeeding this climb is one thing, but with all of you, even with these few difficulties, it has been for me a human experience as I would have dreamed of living one. Carton full so. Thank you again for supporting me and accompanying me in the end of the descent which was for me an unexpected experience, the head was fine, she wanted to move forward, but the legs did not obey any more, curious and confusing, but your help still allowed to finish I do not know how yet. Do not be spoiled by these words, I know that you are trained for, that your technique is for many, but there is a way to do this job that does not leave us insensitive "people of the plains", and who When emotions overwhelm us, we leave a memory for a lifetime. These few words will never translate what I feel, but I wanted to transmit them to you. Maybe that's why it took me a few weeks to digest all that. Thank you all again and take care of yourself. Sincere friendship."

Livre d'or-commentaire de Rachel et Vincent  Fallacara

Stage Mont-Blanc

Rachel et Vincent Fallacara
"We had a really great time and would like to extend our most sincere thanks. The organization is impeccable and the guides who accompanied us during this internship have demonstrated an impressive know-how and professionalism. Thanks to them, we felt completely confident. In addition, due to their great sympathy, the atmosphere was very friendly. In short, a special moment that will remain etched in our memories"