Banniere Montagne Le Pays d'en Haut

A small summary of the insurance that we propose, so that you can make your choice (we hold all EUROP ASSISTANCE contracts at your disposal) Warning !! This information is valid only for participants registering for a trip or an internship organized by the Association Approved Tourism LE PAYS D'EN TOP. They are given only as an indication, in case of dispute only the contracts are authentic. If you are not a participant in a trip or an internship organized by the LE PAYS D'EN TOP Tourism Association, please contact EUROP ASSISTANCE, TEL: (0) 1 41 85 85 85 directly. In case of payment by Gold MasterCard, the search and rescue costs of people in the mountains, at sea, in the desert or in any other inhospitable place are not supported by MasterCard. Therefore, it is imperative, if you do not have another contract supporting these search and rescue costs, to subscribe to the EUROP ASSISTANCE "Assistance / Repatriation" contract that we offer. Similarly, a VISA BUSINESS credit card payment does not cover non-business travel.

Trip cancellation: refund of deposits or any amount retained by THE COUNTRY FROM above, organizer of your trip, and according to the conditions of sale of the trip (excluding the administration fees), when you are in the obligation to cancel your trip before departure. The "Trip Cancellation" guarantee is limited to 9147 € per person, and 30490 € per file.

Our guarantees

- SERIOUS INJURY - SERIOUS ACCIDENTS or DEATH (including worsening of previous illnesses and after-effects of a previous accident) of yourself, your spouse or common-law partner, or the person accompanying you (provided that it is on the same invoice); your ascendants or descendants and / or those of your spouse or those of the person accompanying you (provided it appears on the same invoice); your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, beautiful sisters, sons-in-law and beautiful daughters; of your professional substitute (provided that his name is mentioned when registering for the trip).  -COMPLICATIONS DUE TO PREGNANCY BEFORE THE 6th MONTH ECONOMIC TERMINATION of you, your spouse provided that the decision was not known at the time of booking your trip or the subscription of this contract. -DESTRUCTION OF YOUR PROFESSIONAL AND / OR PRIVATE PREMISES more than 50% due to fire, explosion, water damage. - FLIGHT IN PROFESSIONAL AND / OR PRIVATE PREMISES : the importance of this flight must require your presence and occur within 48 hours before your departure. -OCTROI OF A JOB OR A STAGE provided by the ANPE beginner before or during your trip. -INCLUSIVE TO CANCELLATION INSURANCE: Baggage insurance : 800,00 € maximum (deductible of 50 € in case of damage to suitcases)

We do not cover

-CANCELLATION caused by an inpatient at the time of booking the trip. THE DISEASE REQUIRING PSYCHIC OR PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC TREATMENTS, including nervous breakdowns that did not require hospitalization for a minimum of 5 days at the time of the cancellation date. -CONTROL INDICATION or FORGETTING OF VACCINATION. - ACCIDENTS resulting from the following sports: bobsleigh, skeleton, competitive sled, all aerial sports, as well as those resulting from participation or training in matches or competitions. -NON-PRESENTATION essential documents for travel such as passport, visa, ticket, vaccination card. - DISEASES or ACCIDENTS have been the subject of a first observation, relapse, aggravation or hospitalization.  FORCE MAJEURE EXCLUSIONS: Civil or foreign war, riots, popular movements Voluntary participation of an insured person in these riots or strikes Disintegration of the atomic nucleus or any irradiation from a source of energy having a character of radioactivity  Alcoholism, drunkenness, use of non-medically prescribed drugs, drug or narcotic use  Any intentional act that may result in the guarantee of the contract.

Scale of cancellation fees applicable to the 01/01/2017

+ 60 Days before departure: we retain 10% of the price of the trip (with a minimum of 50 € per person) for a trip to the European Union outside Bulgaria, 200 € booking fees for a trip to Bulgaria or Turkey, € 900 processing fee for expeditions to Ama Dablam, Tilicho peak or Himlung Himal, € 300 processing fee for a trip to Norway 60 to 31 days before departure: 20% of the trip price 30 to 21 days before departure: 35% of the trip price 20 to 16 days before departure: 50% of the trip price 15 to 7 days before departure: 75% of the trip price Less than 7 days before departure: 100% of the trip For any travel requiring the purchase by the COUNTRY from above of a non-refundable and non-exchangeable plane ticket, LE PAYS D'EN HAUT also retains the amount of this ticket, even for cancellation more than 45 days departure. If you have taken out the EUROP ASSISTANCE "Cancellation and Luggage insurance" insurance policy, coverage by EUROP ASSISTANCE warranties is based on the date of occurrence of the event giving rise to the guarantee. In all cases, from 45 days before departure, the amount of the insurance premium is no longer refundable. In case of cancellation, you must immediately inform LE PAYS D'EN TOP by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by e-mail, and you must notifyEUROP ASSISTANCE by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the latest within 5 days after cancellation (in case of damage or loss of luggage, the declaration must be made within 2 working days from the moment you have knowledge of the incident for luggage): EUROP ASSISTANCE - Travel Claims Department, 1 Promenade de la Bonnette, 92633 GENNEVILLIERS Cedex, FRANCE, with reference to contract number 53 863 586.

The ASSISTANCE guarantee takes effect on the day of departure (place of convocation of the organizer) and expires the day of return of the trip (place of dispersion of the group). In all cases, warranties automatically cease 90 days after the day of departure.

Our guarantees

- ASSISTANCE TO PERSONS in case of illness or injury Expenses of search and rescue at sea, mountain, whether following an accident or an illness: 15 300 € maximum Medical Transportation: Actual Costs Return of your accompanying family members (maximum 2 people) or hospitalization presence: (1) Accompanying children: (1) round trip Complementary reimbursement of medical expenses: € 30,490 (dental services limited to € 300) Complementary reimbursement of medical expenses: Zone 2 - Europe and Mediterranean countries: € 75,000 (dental care limited to € 300) Additional reimbursement of medical expenses: Zone 3 - rest of the world: € 152,500 (dental care limited to € 300) Advance on hospitalization costs Zone 2 - Europe and Mediterranean countries: € 75,000 Advance on hospitalization costs Zone 3 - rest of the world: 152 500 € Early return in case of hospitalization of a member of your family DEATH ASSISTANCE Transport in the event of death: actual costs Coffin fees limited to € 2,300 Early return in case of serious hospitalization or death of a member of your family: (1) TRAVEL ASSISTANCE Advance on bail abroad: € 15,300 Advance of legal fees abroad: € 3,100 Early return in the event of a claim at your home: (1). Replacement driver Transmission of urgent messages Advance payment in case of theft, loss or destruction of papers or your means of payment: € 2,300 Travel Information INTERRUPTION OF STAY Reimbursement on a pro rata basis of the already adjusted and unused living expenses (transport, ski pass and equipment rental not included): - from the day following the event - from the day following the event in case of hospitalization or death of a relative - in the event of an attack within a radius of 100 km - In the event of a claim at your home imperatively requiring your presence ATTENTION: the interruption of stay guarantee is inseparable from the cancellation and assistance guarantees. (1) 1st class train or economy class airplane

We must take the term "domicile" in the legal sense of the term: the usual and continuous place of residence and not an occasional residence in his family or friends. The insurance contracts "Assistance" and "Cancellation" only cover persons whose domicile is in one of the following countries: France (and DOM and Principality of Monaco), Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain , Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Islands, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland.

- for the Visa Premier Card, for cancellation, € 200 per insured person per year for a cancellation more than 30 days before departure, and € 5,000 per insured person per year for a cancellation within 30 days of departure. In emergency costs, the Visa Premier Card covers the actual costs. In Medical Repatriation, the Visa Premier Card covers actual costs. -For the MasterCard Gold Card, for cancellation, 0 € per card and per year for a cancellation more than 30 days before departure, and 4 600 € per card and per year for a cancellation within 30 days of departure. If you wish to benefit from the cover of your credit card absolutely ask for confirmation of these figures to the assistance service of your card, you will find this number on the back of this one. Attention Repatriation does not necessarily mean Rescue: be very careful in specifying the activity you are going to do and the country you are going to go to and ask the Assistance service if it takes care of the emergency expenses (costs of helicopter and research costs).