About us

Banniere Montagne Le Pays d'en Haut

Philosophie Népal

Our philosophy

This year, Le Pays d'En Haut celebrates 23 years of existence, 23 years of shared joys and emotions, years of discovery and awareness of the beauty of the mountains of the world, years of encounter with oneself and with others. Thank you to all our travelers who trust us, who entrust us with their dreams and their lives, and thank you to all our guides who took care of them.

Respect for people and sites

We prefer a real partnership to a disguised operation. Thus, outside Europe, all our guides, guides, sherpas, porters, muleteers and camel drivers are paid at the right price. In the same spirit, all members of the Nepalese mountain teams are covered by a specific insurance, and you never see your carriers sleeping in the high mountains under a rock, for lack of tent or place in a cottage. Is it possible to manage an underpaid team, and therefore little motivated, when the success of a trek, an ascent or a camel depends on it? Of course not. Also, if you travel with us, we will ask you to consider with respect those men without whom no trek would be possible.

Being a Mountain Guide is opening the way in an environment that we have chosen, and to which we are viscerally related: the Mountain does not tolerate waste, our Guides either, so we count on you to respect this environment, and leave nothing behind you, apart from the footprint of your footsteps.